IT Services Direct Pty Ltd

As at 11 April 2018

ITSD is an IT Asset Management company, providing services to all facets of asset management including asset testing, asset removal, data destruction, dismantling and recycling of all IT equipment and its hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

ITSD recognises the growing impact that organisations have on the environment and commits to limiting the impact caused by following environmental practices within ITSD.

ITSD has developed an integrated Business Management System, complying with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015. We commit to complying with all requirements of these standards, including legal requirements. We believe that through our quality and environmental focus, we will continue to maintain and improve upon our guaranteed level of service, whilst achieving our objectives towards preserving our environment and preventing pollution.


ITSD’s QMS is integrated into our business procedures.

ITSD commits to comply with the requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system with in our organisation both internally and externally.

ITSD commits to establishing and reviewing quality objectives ensuring they are measured and maintained.


ITSD commits to establishing and reviewing environmental objectives ensuring they are measured and targets are maintained.
We are committed to the preservation of our environment and the prevention of pollution both internally and externally and will continue to undergo extensive evaluation of our activities to identify environmental aspects. We commit to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. We manage programs that reduce water usage, energy consumption, volume of waste going to landfill sites and minimise our overall negative environmental impact. We commit to minimising significant adverse environmental impacts of new developments through the careful planning of environmental procedures and practices.

We commit to the prevention of e-waste to landfill by dismantling end of life hardware and using ISO 14001 vendors.

ITSD believes in establishing a focused direction that implements clear organisational objectives. We do this by actively involving all staff in process decisions and promoting open communication in the workplace. We record our environmental statistics and conduct regular internal audits to ensure that our entire Business Management System, including our environmental and quality policies and objectives are monitored, reviewed and continually improved. Comprehensive training, open communication, regular meetings and internal audits ensure that employees understand their role within the organisation and how their performance contributes to achieving organisational objectives.

ITSD commits to the continual improvement of the Business Management System and objectives through regular managements review, internal audits and staff training.

ITSD believes in developing positive relationships with its customers that leads to a financially beneficial outcome to all parties.
We communicate and work closely with our customers to achieve continued improvement of the services we provide so that our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction is achieved that all parties are satisfied.

ITSD and its employees commit to the confidentiality of its customers and their information

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