Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

At IT Services Direct (ITSD)  we are committed to conducting our business in a socially responsible and sustainable  manner. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Policy reflects our commitment and dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment, society and our stakeholders whilst delivering our core business of providing  IT Lifecycle Solutions.


This policy applies to all employees.


Environmental Responsibility refers to our duty to protect and improve our environment.
Social Responsibility is the moral obligation to make decisions or take actions that are positive and useful to society.
Governance refers to the laws, regulations, and industry guidelines by which a company operates.
Ethics refers to the responsible action in accordance with moral principles.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility refers to our duty to protect, preserve and improve our environment. ITSD is committed to minimising its environmental footprint by:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental laws and legal  regulations
  • Implementing  sustainable practices in the responsible recycling and disposal of IT assets to reduce electronic waste and reuse of IT equipment.
  • Minimising waste generation and promoting and education recycling initiatives.
  • Improving our procedures to implement energy efficient technologies and practices to reduce our carbon emissions.
  • Offset vehicle carbon emissions by supporting not for profit environmental organisations focusing on the restoration of native forests.
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility refers to ITSD‘s dedication to fostering positive social impacts by:

  • Providing a safe and inclusive workplace that values and appreciates equal opportunities and celebrates diversity  for all employees.
  • Advocating for human rights and fair labour practices throughout our business and supply chain. Providing a workplace that provides and supports mental and physical health and wellbeing. Supporting Community initiatives and charitable organisations and encouraging employee engagement.
  • ITSD acts with integrity and adheres to strict guidelines to ensure customer data privacy, confidentiality and security at all times.
Governance and Ethics

Governance and Ethics refers to ITSD’s commitment to maintaining high standards of ethics and governance by:

  • Adhering to objectives of the high ethical standards through transparency, integrity and honesty. Ensuring a diverse leadership team and considering diversity and inclusivity at all levels of decision making
  • Promoting ethical conduct in all transactions with  no tolerance for corruption  within our business. Identifying areas of ESG risk to protect employees, customers and other stakeholders
How are we doing this?
  • Complying with all legal requirements, legislation and standards. We do this by investigating our services and adopting practices that reflect our commitment to our ESG and  safety through ev aluation of compliance.
  • Identifying opportunities to prevent and reduce pollution to air, water and land. We do this by managing  reduction of our energy consumption and preventing the volume of e waste going to landfill by separating and dismantling  IT equipment for reuse or recycling using certified recycling vendors. Measuring our performance by setting objectives, targets and key performance indicators which continually drive us to improve our quality, environmental and safety performance.
  • Providing staff with training and information relevant for them to understand the impacts their activities have and providing opportunities for them then improve their environmental footprint. Providing staff with training and information relevant to ensuring that they understand their responsibilities in acting in an Ethical and  Work Safe way.
  • Ensuring incidents are reported, investigated and resolved. Ensuring contributing factors are all identified so that improvements and actions can take place. All of which are communicated, and learnings shared to improve our overall performance to our quality, environment and safety environment.
  • Regularly undertaking internal audits of processes and inspections of our operations to identify any a reas for improvement and prevention of incidents.
  • Communicating this policy to all employees and interested stakeholders.
  • Consultation and participation of our employees as well as providing a healthy, safe workplace for our staff and visitors, including regular staff meetings, proactive safety checks and positive safety culture.
  • All employees and contractors are required to:
  • Conduct their roles and responsibilities in accordance with this policy.
  • Assess and manage the environmental and safety hazards and risks associated with the activities they are undertaking
  • Report any incident which may cause potential harm to the environment, safety to themselves or others.

ITSD is committed to the this ESG Statement. ITSD takes pride in its dedication to our business, employees and stakeholders in creating a sustainable , responsible and positive impact on our environment whilst maintaining the highest level of integrity and diversity


Jeffrey Eastham CEO | IT SERVICES DIRECT PTY LTD | 11 May 2024

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