IT Services Direct Pty Ltd

As at 03 August 2023

This policy applies to directors, all employees, contractors and joint ventures engaged in activities with ITSD.

Our mission is to provide our customers with lifecycle solutions to all facets of their IT equipment whilst maintaining quality services, environmental integrity and workplace safety.

ITSD has developed an integrated Business Management System, complying with ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001. We commit to complying with all requirements of these standards and legal and other requirements. We believe that through our quality, safety and environmental focus, we will continue to maintain and improve upon our commitment to a high level of quality service, whilst achieving our objectives towards preventing injury and illness, preserving our environment and preventing pollution. We commit to achieving this for the benefit of our employees, our stakeholders, our customers, our community and the environment.

ITSD recognises the growing impact that organisations have on the environment and commits to limiting the impact caused to create a sustainable future. ITSD does this by following environmental practices within our company.

ITSD sees these commitments to Quality, Environment and Workplace Health and Safety to be the foundation to which our business will uphold the highest standards in performance which is crucial to the success and sustainability of our business.

ITSD is committed to achieving these objectives by:

  • Complying with all legal requirements, legislation and standards. We do this by investigating our services and adopting practices that reflect our commitment to quality, environmental and safety through evaluation of compliance.
  • Identifying opportunities to prevent and reduce pollution to air, water and land. We do this by managing activities that reducing energy consumption in our activities and preventing the volume of e waste going to landfill by separating and dismantling for reuse or recycling using ISO 14001 recycling vendors.
  • Setting objectives, targets and key performance indicators which continually drive us to improve our quality, environmental and safety performance.
  • Providing staff with training and information relevant for them to understand the impacts their activities have and providing opportunities for them then improve their environmental footprint.
  • Providing staff with training and information relevant to ensuring that they understand their responsibilities in acting in a Work Safe way.
  • Ensuring incidents are reported, investigated and resolved. Ensuring contributing factors are all identified so that improvements and actions can take place. All of which are communicated, and learnings shared to improve our overall performance to our quality, environment and safety environment.
  • Regularly undertaking internal audits of processes and inspections of our operations to identify areas for improvement and prevention of incidents.
  • Communicating this policy to all employees and interested stakeholders.
  • Consultation and participation of our employees as well as providing a healthy and safe workplace for our staff and visitors, this includes regular staff meetings, proactive safety checks and a positive safety culture.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the Business Management System both internally and externally through management review meeting, customer feedback and staff meetings, open communication
  • We communicate and work closely with our customers to achieve continued improvement of the services we provide so that our goal of customer satisfaction is achieved that all parties are satisfied. ITSD and its employees commit to the confidentiality of its customers and their information.

All employees and contractors are required to:

  • Conduct their roles and responsibilities in accordance with this policy keeping our mission, values and objectives at the forefront of their minds
  • Assess and manage the environmental and safety hazards and risks associated with the activities they are undertaking
  • Report and incident which may cause potential harm to the environment, safety to the themselves or others.

Employees are also encouraged to talk to management and seek help if they are feeling overwhelmed  or uncertain about anything outlined in this policy.


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