At ITSD we are continually seeking opportunities to protect our planets resources through reducing electronic waste, conserving energy and water and using recycled products.

Onsite Dismantling

All IT equipment that ITSD receives is either reused or recycled through onsite dismantling.

Dismantling ensures that components of e-waste such as PCB’s, plastics, batteries and metals can be reused rather than becoming landfill.


ITSD adheres to the strict compliance guidelines set out by the State and Federal governments concerning dismantling, sorting and recycling IT equipment. ITSD’s accountability to ISO 14001:2015 guarantees our downstream processes.


ITSD will provide your organisation with an e-waste and data destruction certificate which gives you the confidence your data is secure whilst at the same time protecting our planet for future generations.

Contact us on 1300 79 10 20 or online to discuss your E-waste management requirements.