• Q. Where do you collect from?

    Simple answer – from anywhere.

    We have facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We also have an extensive array of logistics providers nationwide and in NZ. You can drop off in any of these locations or we can collect. In some cases, we can collect for free.

    No site is too remote or difficult for us to access.

    Complete our online collections form or call us to discuss

  • Q. Is my data safe?

    ABOSULUTELY! We data erase all drives that are not already wiped.

    Unlike other companies we provide you with a certified wipe that gives you a legally binding certificate of destruction. This is certificate is tamperproof and will give each drive a unique number.

    In the very small percentage of cases where a hard drive cannot be wiped using software the hard drive will be removed and physically destroyed.

  • Q. Do you pay money for equipment?

    In most cases yes.

    Rule of thumb is if your computers are less than 6 years old and are in quantities over 30.

    Condition of equipment and site location will need to be factored in when pricing.

  • Q. Where do my working computers go?

    In most cases once diagnostic testing and wiping has been completed your computer ends up in the hands of people who do not have access to buying new equipment.

    Giving less fortunate people opportunities to become educated and connected. A real win win for everybody!

  • Q. Why recycle?

    Number 1 reason – prevent hazardous waste from leaching into our waterways and landfill.

    With the high cost of Waste Depot fees why not recycle or free.

  • Q. What guarantees do I have that my computer has been recycled?

    A certified e-waste certificate providing you with a components breakdown and weights.