We guarantee to protect your data security by partnering with market leading Blancco Drive Eraser software.

HDD Data Erasure

ITSD uses data erasure software Blancco Drive Eraser to ensure the secure removal of your data.

ITSD provides a certificate of Data Erasure for each asset. This certificate provides you with a diagnostic listing by serial number of the asset and also the unique serial number of each hard drive erased. Our software erases to NIST 800-88 standard (when applicable) which is compliant to national government and military standards.

Our internal processes for data wiping enables us to erase 100’s of hard drives a day ensuring reporting and certificates can be available to customers efficiently.

ITSD offers on-site data erasure services.

Data Destruction

We will destroy on-site any hard drive that cannot be wiped using software or if it is your preferred method of data erasure.

The hard drive will have all of its platters drilled and then crushed.